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On-Site Training and Custom Workshops


Writing Skills

Clear, concise communication saves time, improves working relationships, eliminates costly errors, and boosts a company’s professional image. This lively, hands-on training will give your employees the tools they need to improve their basic or advanced writing skills. Participants can practice with customized exercises tailored to the kinds of documents your company works with every day.

Available topics include

  • Tuning up grammar, punctuation, and word choice
  • Using prewriting strategies to save time and highlight main points
  • Avoiding common pitfalls like wordiness, jargon, clich├ęs, and passive voice
  • Getting results with more persuasive memos, reports, articles, and letters
  • Improving email efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expressing ideas in a positive, professional, and unbiased tone
  • Editing and proofreading to eradicate errors
  • Writing for the web and how it differs from writing for print

Using a detailed handbook and reference guide, participants can practice new skills in class and collaborate on problem-solving exercises. They’ll leave with a host of tips, tricks, and checklists to help write clean and clear documents, alleviate writer’s block, build confidence, meet deadlines, and represent your organization more professionally.

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To discuss your organization’s training needs, call our director, Barbara Fuller, at 510-849-1110, or send her an email.


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