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Editorial Services

Substantive Editors

Technical Editors

Technical editors ensure that difficult information is presented clearly so that readers can understand it. These editors often suggest ways to improve layout as well as content. They might

  • Work with information design
  • Identify gaps in content
  • Provide missing information
  • Delete inappropriate content
  • Rewrite and restructure text
  • Check math in text and tables
  • Ensure correct use of brand names and trademarks
  • Copyedit (described separately)

Technical editing refers in general to work done on any kind of technical or specialized material, such as financial documents, medical reports, environmental regulations, or other scientific manuscripts. The term is sometimes used, however, to refer specifically to the editing of computer-related documents.


I wanted to tell you how helpful and comprehensive your editing work was for the annual report. Your edits were above and beyond what we’d normally expect for copyediting, and it was fun to work on the project with you so closelylarge-white-quotes


Cristal Guderjahn