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Editcetera Membership

Editcetera is a self-governing association of freelance publishing professionals founded in 1971. Because we screen potential members thoroughly, clients generally do not require further tests or screening—they know that they can trust Editcetera. Most often, this fact saves Editcetera members the burden of proving themselves to new clients.

Advantages you can count on

Editcetera frees you from some of the routine, and sometimes painful, aspects of freelancing.

  • We market your services to a broad range of clients.
  • We provide clients with your résumé and other required background material.
  • We bill clients, collect payments, and follow up with clients who fail to pay on time.
  • We consolidate some tax information (1099s).

Resources, community, and support

Here are just a few of the less tangible—but no less important—benefits of Editcetera membership:

  • Editcetera members are generous about sharing information on methods, resources, and business practices. If you have a question, another member can probably answer it—whether by recommending a specialized dictionary or simply by discussing a particular convention.
  • The director and other members can offer practical support when you encounter the inevitable difficult job.
  • When you need extra help with a job or you have to turn one down, you can call the director for a referral and be confident that another member will provide high-quality service.
  • Editcetera is there to help you through the slow times; if a scheduled job suddenly falls through, the director can often find you work within a short time.
  • Members’ gatherings provide a chance to socialize and network with other members and share experiences about freelancing, clients, and tricks of the trade.

More information about membership

Please review our FAQs for applicants for details about becoming a member of Editcetera.


Editcetera has been a source of wonderful and varied editing and production projects that I would never have found on my own. And I love the camaraderie with colleagues who really enjoy the profession and are generous with their skills and knowledge. It’s truly an organization that works for the benefit of both its members and its clientsquotes


Zipporah Collins