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Journalists collect and disseminate news regarding a wide range of subject matter via print or online media.

Their tasks normally include

  • Attending scheduled public events, such as court sessions and press conferences
  • Interviewing those involved in the subject of a story
  • Producing accurate and concise copy specific to a certain publication’s house style
  • Adhering to strict copy guidelines
  • Writing filler pieces, longer feature articles, or both
  • Real-time blogging online to cover important events on the spot

Journalists include editors, editorial writers, traditional columnists, and web-based content developers.

Different types of journalists abide by different codes of ethics and standards. Print journalism has traditionally required objectivity and a lack of bias. With the explosion of social media, however, more and more online journalists focus on advocacy and activism journalism, in which they utilize a nonobjective viewpoint to persuade public opinion.


I wanted to tell you how helpful and comprehensive your editing work was for the annual report. Your edits were above and beyond what we’d normally expect for copyediting, and it was fun to work on the project with you so closelylarge-white-quotes


Cristal Guderjahn