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On-Site Training and Custom Workshops

Grammar and Punctuation

Most employees need to write on the job—even if they never planned to be writers. Those with a strong command of basic grammar and mechanics can communicate more effectively and gain respect. Whether you’d like a brush-up on basic grammar or examination of trickier issues that can challenge even experienced editors, one or more focused sessions can do a lot to improve communications within your company and boost your professional image.

Available topics include

  • Punctuation: proper use of commas and other marks
  • Basics of grammar: syntax and sentence structure
  • Tricky grammar: parallelism, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, possessives, dangling and misplaced modifiers, restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses, and other topics

You choose how much time you want to spend and specific issues you want addressed. Provide samples of company documents for analysis and improvement, or ask the instructor to address issues using common examples.

Tell us what you need

To discuss your organization’s training needs, call our director, Barbara Fuller, at 510-849-1110, or send her an email.


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