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Ghostwriters write or help write books, magazine articles, screenplays, online blogs, and other documents credited to another person. For example, a celebrity may hire a ghostwriter to draft an autobiography.

Ghostwriters participate to varying degrees in the production of work. Some assignments involve revising a draft, whereas others require developing and completing a project from an outline. Depending on the situation, ghostwriters can spend anywhere from a few months to more than a year in the process of researching, writing, and editing.

Sometimes, an author or a publisher will credit the ghostwriter in a finished work. At other times, the ghostwriter is required to sign a contract of nondisclosure.



I wanted to tell you how helpful and comprehensive your editing work was for the annual report. Your edits were above and beyond what we’d normally expect for copyediting, and it was fun to work on the project with you so closelylarge-white-quotes


Cristal Guderjahn