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Course Manual Content — Copyediting Cookbooks

What the Course Covers
Recommended Reference Books
Elements of a Recipe
Approaching the Edit

  • Audience
  • Author’s Style
  • Publisher’s Style
  • Sample of a Publisher’s Style Guide
  • Sample of a Copyeditor’s Style Sheet

Editing the Manuscript as a Whole

  • Electronic Editing
  • Querying

Editing Specific Elements

  • Recipe Title
  • Mini Exercise: Recipe Title
  • Ingredients List
  • Mini Exercise: Ingredients
  • Procedure
  • Mini Exercise: Procedure
  • Yield (Servings)

Assignment One: Send-in Exercise
Editing Additional Elements

  • Headnote
  • Note
  • Mini Exercise: Headnote and Note
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Subrecipe
  • Variation

Checking Consistency across Recipes

  • Recipe Titles
  • Headnotes
  • Ingredients
  • Procedures
  • Yields
  • Nutritional Analyses

Editing Recipes in Periodicals
Finding Work
Assignment Two: Send-in Exercise

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