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About Editcetera

Editcetera is a self-governing association of freelance publishing professionals. Currently we have more than 100 members.

Since 1971, Editcetera has been referring qualified editors, writers, and other publishing specialists to businesses, institutions, publishers, and independent authors. Our members understand changing communications technologies and tight deadlines. With decades of history and hundreds of clients, Editcetera has built a reputation for doing the job right—and on time.

Trusted freelancers, screened for you

A rigorous testing and review process ensures that our members are highly skilled. Most of our members have at least 10 years of experience. Individually, members specialize in different stages of the publication process and in different fields and industries. Find out more about Editcetera’s freelancer referral services.

Professional development and training

Since our early days, one of Editcetera’s goals has been to foster editorial quality and the development of editorial skills. To that end, we conduct workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area on subjects such as basic and specialized editing, proofreading, grammar, and the business of freelancing. We also offer distance learning programs for those who cannot attend our workshops and custom programs for businesses with specific needs.

Membership benefits and application

Editcetera is always on the lookout for potential new members. To be considered, you must be an active freelancer (or have decided to make freelancing your next career move), reside in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and have at least 4 years’ writing or editorial experience. Learn more about the benefits of membership and about the application process.

I’ve called on Editcetera for more than 20 years for all kinds of work,
from proofreading to formatting to project management—and especially for “recon- structive surgery.” I always refer people
to Editcetera when they need professional publishing help of
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Joan Lichterman

UC Berkeley